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The Subatomic Kid

   John Smith is a perfectly ordinary thirteen-year-old boy who accidently gets trapped in an illicit scientific experiment at his school. That same morning he’d met a couple of older kids on the school bus who’d dared him to get a date with a beautiful girl, which amazingly he’d done, and now here he is—blown into a strange Subatomic world where an ever-changing cast of characters urge him to get his thinking straight because all that exists in the cosmos is threatened with destruction.

        Pulled back by instinct into the world of matter, he seeks to discover those responsible for his plight, but at the same time he’s bound and determined to keep his first date with the girl of his dreams

        Two squabbling half-brothers searching for the secret of immortality turn out to be the culprits standing in the way of his happiness, and now one of them surmises that if John survived the powerful blast of the experiment, he could have the ability to become anything he wants—even the fly on the table in front of him.         

        On the day of the date, the four teenagers are kidnapped by an ex-secret agent in the brother’s employ and brutally imprisoned. But when his terrified new friends turn on him because they have absolutely no idea what’s going on, he realizes that he must do virtually everything in his power to bring them home safely, defeat his fear, and understand the nature of his new talent before he can even consider saving the universe and keeping his promise to the masters of the Subatomic world.

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Vampyre Blood - Eight Pints of Trouble

"...if you love a good lawyer joke, get tired of the pretenses we must endure in daily life, and want a respite from feeling bad about your little failures, you will love this book. Its humor will brighten any day and its perspective will lighten your heart. It’s silly, it’s endearing, it’s very human, and it will make you laugh out loud."  - Simply Stacie  Read more ...        

"I highly recommend VAMPYRE BLOOD: EIGHT PINTS OF TROUBLE! It's edgy, compelling, and funny! You don't get that combination often, and rarely is it so well balanced with a core character who is an icon. So, congratulations to George Earl Parker on a novel well worth reading!! I can't wait to see what he creates next!" - Denyse Bridger Read more ...

“This book really cracked me up!  I LOVED the last scene and there is nothing that I would love to see made into a movie than this book,  just so I could see that last scene on film!” - liannallama, Kindle Reader

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

        When young New Orleans lawyer Bradley Harrington Chester the third lies dying in the street after being hit by a speeding car, it seems that his life is over. But as his spirit drifts away toward a distant light he is approached by an exotic fellow who claims to be both the Count Dracula of legend, and a violin player for The Techno Zombies, a Goth rock band on a world tour.

        The Count explains that with the aid of a wizard he has abandoned his dark legacy, and now finds himself in need of a legal representative. So he offers Brad a deal, he can shuffle off into the light wherever it may lead, or he can become his lawyer, and be revived by a transfusion of Vampyre Blood.

        The very last thing the young lawyer remembers before dying was his wife asking for a divorce, and prior to that he remembered being handed the prosecution of a mafia kingpin on his first day at the district attorney’s office. He wondered why the DA was so friendly to him, and so nasty to his star attorney Richard Bleddon, and he wondered why Bleddon had arranged a champagne supper at a fancy restaurant for him and his wife. After which, a speedy midget had snatched his wife’s purse and led him out into the street to die.         

        Becoming impatient the Count presses for an answer to his offer, and after being assured that he won’t become a Vampyre himself Brad accepts, hoping to go back and make sense of the madness that brought him to the brink of death. Populated by loveable rogues, scheming lawyers, and thieving gypsies, Vampyre Blood—Eight Pints Of Trouble, is an insane romp through the human desire to get what you want at any cost, and the strange places that desire can lead to.

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